MASS-ALA Education

Mass-ALA offers a robust educational program that provides members with opportunities to maintain licensure as well as acquire new skills in an environment that continues to grow and change with the demands of the population. Educational opportunities are offered to a diverse array of disciplines within the assisted living industry and to all regions in the state.

Mass-ALA provides training to virtually every employee in assisted living, including Resident Service Directors, Marketing Directors, Activity staff, Executive Directors, direct care staff, food service staff, facilities maintenance staff, and more.

Mass-ALA relies on input from their Education Committee and Resident Care Committee, both comprised of assisted living professionals, in order to develop a comprehensive slate of events and trainings that are most relevant to providing innovative, high-quality care to assisted living residents across the state.  By attending a Mass-ALA educational event, participants can expect the following:

The opportunity to earn credentials that will assist them in maintaining licensures

Opportunities to network with other assisted living professionals

Acquire knowledge that will enhance their ability to provide the best care and services to assisted living residents

Receive updates on new research and developments in caring for an aging population whose needs are evolving as demographics shift

Strengthen their leadership skills, job knowledge, and expertise in order to enhance their career paths and contribute to their professional development

In addition to educating members, Mass-ALA also presents educational programming that enhances the knowledge of consumers, regulators, legislators, and the general public as it relates to assisted living.  The development of outcome-oriented quality standards in the assisted living industry is the focus of the Mass-ALA education program.  As the industry evolves in response to the demands of the population, Mass-ALA will continue to provide support, education, and networking opportunities to all those interested in promoting, celebrating, and advancing the assisted living industry in an environment that is becoming more in need of assisted living options as the population ages.

Laurie Cashman
Director of Education
Upcoming Events

Boot Camp – Loomis Village
South Hadley – 3/10

South Hadley, Massachusetts
8:15am – 3:00pm

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