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Honoring Assisted Living Professionals


Dear Members,

As many of us work in fast-paced environments, it is sometimes difficult to determine when to step back and see the big picture, processing our experiences. Pausing and reflecting can seem to run counter to short-term goals and pressures. It takes vision and perspective to focus on saying thanks and showing appreciation when we feel pulled “on to the next thing” so often. In this context, it is very impressive to witness the many ways assisted living providers, residents, and families have shown their appreciation to assisted living staff. Our video below shows this appreciation, thanks to all of you. Mass-ALA is running a campaign of print and digital ads that started with assisted living week and will continue into October, educating the public about assisted living and sharing videos and pictures of how meaningful and appreciated the work of assisted living staff has been. Please watch the video, below, and share this Unsung Heroes campaign link with your networks.

Assisted living providers across the state submitted heartwarming and impressive videos, photos, and messages in response to our call for documented acts of thanks to staff. We included as many of those as we could into this video, thanking the Unsung Heroes in assisted living. Digital ads continue to run, and you can view the full-page print ad that was in the Boston Sunday Globe and will be featured in the leading regional newspapers, here. Thank you for participating in this campaign, and for sharing it with your networks so people outside of assisted living can see how important and meaningful the work of assisted living professionals truly is.  



Brian Doherty, CAE
President & CEO

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