MassALA Questionnaire for Reporting Interactions With Regulators

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Dear Members,

Mass-ALA has launched an ongoing initiative to identify industry issues and trends, develop advocacy initiatives and strategies, identify industry training needs, guide our committee work, and pilot new and innovative quality improvement services. This ongoing initiative involves the collection of data through a questionnaire on the results of any interaction with a regulator, including: EOEA Assisted Living Certification Specialist, OSHA representative, or state Ombudsman, now or in the future. 

Your participation in this questionnaire is critical to our being prepared to fully support you and the industry. The information you provide in this questionnaire will be compiled and the findings reviewed in the aggregate to meet the goals stated above. Your identity will be kept confidential, but the aggregate findings or anecdotal reports of issues may be shared with other members and/or EOEA in order to address trends and to offer support and advocacy to our membership going forward.

If you recently had an interaction with an EOEA Certification Specialist, OSHA representative, an Ombudsman, or any other Regulator of note, please share your experience by accessing the questionnaire. If you have not had a recent interaction with a regulator, please keep this in mind and access the questionnaire anytime. Should you have any questions about this questionnaire or any other regulatory or quality improvement concerns, please contact Christina Broughton, x110. 

Take the Questionnaire Here


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